kirain semua udah baik2 aja sekarang.rupanya nggak ya.aku salah persepsi.kirain udah beneran terbiasa,tp rupanya belum.
kirain kayak gitu.sampe kemaren aku jumpa dan dia dengan gantengnya lewat disamping aku.
sampe tadi aku ga sengaja liat twitternya di timeline aku.dan aku buka profilenya.dengan santainya baca2tanpa sadar kalo avatarnya udah beda.avatarnya jd lbh bagus sekarang dgn foto dia sama pacarnya yang keliatan serasi kali.kelewat seerasi malah.
kirain beneran udah gak papa sampe aku sadar semua blm selesai.



i know i must not feel like this.but this thing bother me so damn damn muchhhh.
omg i dont know how to say this but EVERYONE loves it now zz i’ve said this to my friends maybe one thousand million billion times but they just cant understand.i know they have bad feelings to me -_- kpop isnt mine i really know that.but…people used to mock me because of that and NOW THEY LOVE IT CRAZILY oh puhleeaazzeee
i like it if my idol’s fans increase and their poularity becomes higher but this isnt the right way i my mind,they look to say this..maruk-_-
im not and old fans,but at least i never treat kpop as something gay or whatelse and then fall in love

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